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Welcome to the

Your guide to all things Ozimals.

Bunnies Pufflings Support


Ozimals News and Current Events

Ozimals SLurls

Ozimals Links

Ozimals Official Groups

Official Ozimals Group Rules

Ozimals Staff

Development Team

  • Malkavyn Eldritch

Customer Service Representative (CSR) Team

Leading CSR • Elphaba Stormcrow

• Maiden Firelight
• Tiktok Steampunk
• Ozma Fairlady

Ozimals Friends

Store Development Team

•Tamrielle Halderman Fae Fantasy & Tiny Fantasy Creations
•Saiyge Lotus Balderdash - Bagatelle and Trinketry

Bunny and Puffling Poses

•Dove Swanson Long Awkward Pose [LAP]

Patent Pending
Ozimals 2016

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